Brian C. Padgett, Embattled Las Vegas Attorney, Bar No. 7474, Disbarred by Nevada Supreme Court

The time of reckoning has come for Brian C. Padgett, Las Vegas attorney.

In an order of disbarment (Padgett Disbarred.pdf) handed down by the Supreme Court of the State of Nevada, the Court upheld the recommended five-year suspension to run consecutive with a previous five-year suspension already handed down. This effectively ends Padgett’s career as a Nevada attorney, barring some miraculous “Hail Mary” comeback efforts.

The state’s high Court cited violations of RPC (Nevada Rules of Professional Conduct) including RPC 1.15 (safekeeping prooperty), RPC 5.1 (responsibilities of partners, managers and supervisory lawyers), RPC 8.1 (bar admission and disciplinary matters), and RPC 8.4 (misconduct).

Chief Justice of the Supreme Court Ronald David “Ron” Parraguirre, wrote in the order of disbarment:

“The panel found, and the record supports, eight aggravating circumstances (prior disciplinary offenses, dishonest of selfish motive, a pattern of misconduct, multiple offenses, bad faith obstruction of the disciplinary proceeding by intentionally failing to comply with rules or orders, refusal to acknowledge the wrongful nature of conduct, substantial experience in the practice of law, and indifference to making restitution) and no mitigating circumstances.

“Considering all the factors, especially the fact that Padgett is already serving a five-year suspension for other offenses, we conclude that the scope of Padgett’s misconduct and the aggravating circumstances warrant an upward deviation from the baseline sanction. Accordingly, we disbar attorney Brian C. Padgett from the practice of law. Such disbarment is irrevocable.”

Sums it up quite well, in our opinion.

Longtime Girlfriend Accuses Padgett of Beating Her – An Alleged Year-Long Occurrence

You would think that Brian C. Padgett would have learned his lesson. Treat women with respect, and don’t engage in behavior that would be harmful to them.

You think he would have learned that lesson years ago after being involved with the death of Katie Howard in Henderson, NV. But it looks like he hasn’t — at least if what his longtime girlfriend is alleging is true. Perhaps it’s because of the leniency that seems to have been afforded to him by Henderson legal entities, including the judiciary and the police department.

Now comes Brian Padgett’s longtime live-in girlfriend with accusations of abuse, assault, domestic violence, and the pictures she alleges prove it. This is her, with her identity somewhat obscured:

Padgett’s girlfriend says that she and Brian have been in a devoted boyfriend-girlfriend relationship for a year. She says moved in with him last March and has been with him ever since coming to Las Vegas from Canada. She says she loves Brian and has stayed with him for the past year despite his alleged physical attacks on her. After one particularly violent stretch over June and July last year – during which she she says she sustained a concussion – she says she got fed up enough with the abuse to file a formal complaint (see above and warrant below) in Henderson on Aug. 22, 2020. The judge in the case apparently accepted her arguments and explanation of her injuries, according to her (see pictures below) and issued a warrant for the arrest of Brian Padgett.

That arrest is still pending, even after last night (March 29, 2021) when the girlfriend returned to the house the two of them have shared for a year only to find the locks changed. She had gone on a three-day visit to a girlfriend’s place in Orlando, Fla., to celebrate a birthday. When she returned home to Las Vegas, she couldn’t enter her house. Her key didn’t work. She called the police. They arrived last night and, the girlfriend alleges, were unable to assist her because Padgett wouldn’t come to the door. According to the girlfiend, he hasn’t been answering the door for months apparently because he’s trying to avoid creditors and couriers trying to serve him with various legal paperwork. And, according to the girlfreind, the police couldn’t effect an arrest because they didn’t have a face-to-face encounter with him.

These are the photos of the wounds to her from Brian’s alleged beatings that the girlfriend provided as proof of Brian’s alleged attacks on her. They’re not easy to look at, and we’ve blocked out portions of her face to try to keep her identity as carefully guarded as possible:

The girlfriend says she stayed with Padgett for the past year because she truly loves him. She says she was the only one who really stood by him in the wake of all his legal and business issues when everyone else abandoned him. And, she says, this is what she gets — allegedly battered, bruised and bloodied by Brian Padgett, who apparently doesn’t understand the basics of respect, loyalty, devotion and friendship — at least if what the girlfriend is alleging is true. Add this up with all the other events we’ve highlighted about Brian Padgett on this and our other website ( and it’s a pretty damning story.

Brian C. Padgett is Now Officially
Inmate No. 01667502

Criminal complaint against Brian C. Padgett showing $400,000 total in checks written without sufficient amount in account.

Brian C. Padgett is now officially Inmate No. 01667502 at Clark County Jail, allegedly. And the Nevada State Bar organization of the state’s lawyers has recommended he be disbarred for five years according to the complaint they filed.

You can read the State Bar of Nevada’s complaint against Brian C. Padget here: State Bar of Nevada Complaint Against Brian C. Padgett.

Finally, it looks like Brian C. Padgett is getting his due. Earlier this week, he was picked up on a felony bench warrant for passing a total of $400,000 in bad checks. (See additional complaint above.)

Couldn’t have happened to a lesser man.

Brian Padgett, Nevada State Bar No. 7474, Gets Blasted in Public in a Restaurant by a Former Employee With “Nasty Natalie” at His Side –

Viewer note: This video has some very strong language. Viewer discretion advised.

Brian Padgett: Coward (in my humble opinion)

You can’t hide, Brian Padgett. Especially when you “hide” in plain sight in a public restaurant. I’m not sure how you have the stones to show your face publicly after everything you’ve done. (For those new to this website, please scroll through the posts to get an idea of the dirty deeds this Las Vegas lawyer has done. How he hasn’t been disbarred yet is beyond me.)

Brian Padgett’s cowardly acts were recently called out by former employee Christopher Carlough. Carlough, a former employee of Padgett’s at CWNevada, bumped into him at a restaurant and proceeded to go on a rant against Padgett and filmed it all on his phone. Priceless stuff. We think the video speaks for itself. By the way, we have full permission, in writing, from Carlough to use this video. It’s presented in it’s entirety, unedited at the top of this post.

You’ll notice that Padgett didn’t try to rebut Carlough or fight back until half of the restaurant staff came to try to quiet the disruption.

Attention Natalie Lieberman of Toronto, Canada, A K A “Nasty Natalie”: Brian Padgett did wake up with a dead girl, Katie Howard, who was someone’s daughter. Not only is Brian less than trash, to refresh your memory, go to the audio where Brian offers a man $100,000 to get rid of her body: Brian Padgett 911 Call. (BTW, “Nasty,” where did you get the money for the old BMW you’re driving?)

Brian C. Padgett, Con Man, Morally Bankrupt, Allegedly Buys “Nasty”
Natalie Lieberman a 2016 BMW

(Please click on image to see full size)

A CALL FOR TRANSPARENCY: Brian C. Padgett claims a lot of things that clearly aren’t true. He has scammed senior citizens (ages 69 and 75) of more than a million dollars. He lies, and he’s clearly a two-faced scumbag with no morals. He is the very definition of a morally bankrupt con man.

Padgett’s list of financial victims goes on and on. I pledge to do billboards and mailings about this con man and his duplicity in the overdose and death of Katie Howard. I am truly disturbed about how a cocaine-using attorney, who admits his crimes to law enforcement, can still walk the streets. Additionally, how he has been able to hold any sort of license for marijuana on any level is totally confusing. My quest for seeking answers will continue.

For example, how are Brian C. Padgett and his supposed girlfriend, *“Nasty” Natalie Lieberman, 45, able to afford a 2016 BMW 235i convertible coup? They just acquired it in the past 30 days as you can see from the temporary tags in the photo above.

(*I call her Nasty Natalie because of her personal behavior that I have first-hand knowledge of. Her birthplace, according to her passport is Azerbaijan.)

Padgett is a man who, according to court documents, owes an estimated 100 debtors $50 million. Padgett also had his own BMW repossessed (see our story: Padgett X5M BMW Repossessed), and the property housing his law office is in foreclosure. Up until this point, Padgett has been seen only driven around by Laurel Cruz and occasionally Connie Little. With the BMW acquisition, Nasty Natalie Lieberman must be his own live-in chauffeur.

Nasty Natalie, who lives in Toronto, Canada and Brooklyn, New York (and who, during my review while spending a great deal of time with her, and based on her statements to me in a recorded conversation) has no visible means of income.

So how can this couple afford a 2016 BMW 235i convertible coup? I mean given the backgrounds of these two, who would approve that?

Let’s check this stuff off just to make sure you’ve got it down:
$50 million in debt
Some 100 debtors
BMW X5M repossessed
Girlfriend who admitted to no documentable income
Newly acquired 2016 BMW

How does that happen? Seriously?

I know plenty of people who don’t have anywhere near that amount of debt weighing them down who could never qualify for a loan or a lease for a BMW 235i convertible coup.

The BMW is in Nasty Natalie’s name, who has no verifiable, visible income suggesting that she might be able to afford a car like that.

When are people – particularly in law enforcement – who know about this man, his actions, his criminality, his irresponsibility, and his deceit going to wake up and smell the coffee, if not the stench from Padgett himself?

How does this guy keep getting away with this stuff? I’m looking for answers.

Brian C. Padgett, Yesterday (Dec. 30), Hid in the Back of a Las Vegas
Courtroom Like the Coward He Is, Trying to Avoid His Victims

(You can click on this image to see it full size for more detail.)

Brian C. Padgett was quick to tout how much women loved him and texted out these photos showing two woman he was involved with. The woman on the right has been identified as Natalie Lieberman, 45 years old, lives in Toronto, Canada and Brooklyn, New York.

Rumors have been circulating that on Lieberman’s 45th birthday, Dec. 26, she and Padgett had a major fight and falling out.

Yes, those are real tattoos. Natalie now is officially pissed. Especially now knowing the kind of person Padgett really is.

Padgett was quite fond of saying that she was his – “forever” – and was quite pleased that a woman would get his name tattooed on her body.

Now Natalie is indelibly tied to a man who has run up $50 million in debt to about 100 debtors according to an official “informed” Court Receiver. See story here: BOMBSHELL ALERT! $50 Million Owed to Over 100 Creditors

And regarding that court appearance yesterday (Dec. 30, 2019), I’m told that Padgett hid in the corner of the courtroom like a coward and only came forward to address the judge after he dismissed everyone. The case? The judge approved the motion to move forward pursuing claims against Padgett and his businesses, kicking him (CWNevada) out of their location at Blue Diamond Road:

(Click on image to see legible, full-size image.)

Sorry, Brian, I’m not sorry that I don’t feel sorry for you. Things could have been different, but like most everything else in your life, in my humble opinion (IMHO), you have f***ed everything up.