Brian Padgett Does Not Learn From
Past Misdeeds When He Woke Up
Next to a Dead Woman

According to Natalie Liberman of Toronto, Canada (pictured above right on Brian’s shoulder), Brian Padgett, Bar No. 7474, on approximately Jan. 27, 2019, according to copies of text messages and other information, was trying to entice Elena (see her redacted passport below) to the Encore Hotel in Las Vegas for lines (and we assume that refers to cocaine, after all, he is an admitted drug user and coke user), cash (wonder where that cash is coming from) and bottle service in a suite at the hotel.

Elena’s passport, who Brian Padgett tried to lure into a room at the Encore promising “lines, room service, bottle service … and cash!” Sound familiar?

You would think that after approximately a year and a half — when he woke up with another woman, 38-year-old Katie Howard, who died after a night of partying with him in similar circumstances — things would have changed.

Below are actual screen shots of text messages sent to Elena. I know for a fact that most cell phone companies keep records of calls, text messages, cell tower location reports, etc. for 18 months. This can all be discoverable and confirmed through a subpoena.

Actual screen shots of text messages between Brian Padgett (gray text bubbles) and Elena (blue text bubbles)

In my opinion, Brian Padgett is a narcissistic sociopath, a drug user, privileged license holder (for marijuana) and a flat-out thief. How many more victims does there have to be before law enforcement steps up and holds this man accountable for his actions?

FYI, the threats against me continue and have escalated. As you can see, I am not backing off or pulling the site down.

Brian C. Padgett, Admitted to Police Cocaine Use After the Tragic Death of Katie Howard

911 Call to Henderson Police:

Brian C. Padgett, Nevada Bar No. 7474 flat-out lies to police.

HPD Interview Brian Padgett:

The picture above is the actual police photo from the scene on the morning of June 25, 2017 of Katie Howard’s bedroom in the house she was living in on Moyer Drive in Henderson. She is lying in bed, dead. I’ve covered her face to try to soften at least a little the impact of the image. But I also realize that there’s nothing you can really do to try to cover up death. Perhaps Brian C. Padgett should take a lesson from that.

I ask you to first listen to the posted 911 call, then listen to Brian C. Padgett’s interview with a police officer trying to investigate the incident of Katie Howard’s death. Both are at the top of this post. As you can clearly hear during the 911 call as well as from the second interview he gave to the Henderson Police, that lying is second nature to Padgett.

As I listened to the actual 911 call, and then, the second interview carried out by the Henderson Police, I sat in total disbelief. What hits me square in the face is that Padgett has a huge credibility problem. He has no problem lying to police, as can be heard during interviews with them on the scene of the incident. And remember, Brian Padgett is a privileged license holder for marijuana and a member of the bar in the state of Nevada, Bar No. 7474.

You can clearly hear Padgett trying to deny what he had been recorded as saying on the 911 call that Thomas Wiggins made to the police — a call he tried to interrupt. As the officer questioning Padgett said, you can clearly hear Padgett mentioning the $100,000 sum twice. Yet Padgett continues to deny, deny, deny. The officer has him cold, Padgett knows that, and yet he continues to deny reality.

DDos Attack Bounty:
Up to $30,000 Reward

• $10,000 cash reward for information by anyone for proof that Brian C. Padgett paid for this attack. This would include proof of payment, emails, cash withdrawals from banks, text messages, etc. — any tangible proof.

• $10,000 cash reward for the names, email or other tangible evidence of who actually carried out the attack.

• $10,000 cash reward to those responsible for carrying out the attack if they are willing to testify or give tangible proof that Brian C. Padgett paid for this or arranged for this.

Please understand, I am not interested in harming any employee or third party that helped him or carried out his demands. I am only interested in Brian Padgett and no one else.

Brian Padgett, Bar No. 7474;
Law Office in Foreclosure

It’s official. The law office of Brian Padgett at 611 6th St. in the downtown area of Las Vegas has been foreclosed upon. (See partial document below)

We are working to compile all the litigation stacking up against Padgett, which is substantial. It’s so massive, it’s an undertaking all on its own, but we’re working on it and working through it.

We also will be posting video from almost a year ago when his BMW was repossessed. And of course, there’s the white Mercedes G-Wagon he drove, which was a courtesy I extended to him as a loaner because he said he wanted to buy it, but he never had the money to do the deal. Not only that but he trashed it while he had it; it came back filthy inside, unwashed and with scrapes, dents and dings all over the place.

He also often talks about his home in Dragon Ridge Country Club, which I’ve been in and have seen with my own two eyes. Let me give you the low-down: it’s dated and and in need of renovation. Oh, and also, he only rents it.