Brian Padgett, Bar No. 7474;
Law Office in Foreclosure

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It’s official. The law office of Brian Padgett at 611 6th St. in the downtown area of Las Vegas has been foreclosed upon. (See partial document below)

We are working to compile all the litigation stacking up against Padgett, which is substantial. It’s so massive, it’s an undertaking all on its own, but we’re working on it and working through it.

We also will be posting video from almost a year ago when his BMW was repossessed. And of course, there’s the white Mercedes G-Wagon he drove, which was a courtesy I extended to him as a loaner because he said he wanted to buy it, but he never had the money to do the deal. Not only that but he trashed it while he had it; it came back filthy inside, unwashed and with scrapes, dents and dings all over the place.

He also often talks about his home in Dragon Ridge Country Club, which I’ve been in and have seen with my own two eyes. Let me give you the low-down: it’s dated and and in need of renovation. Oh, and also, he only rents it.