Brian C. Padgett is Now Officially
Inmate No. 01667502

Criminal complaint against Brian C. Padgett showing $400,000 total in checks written without sufficient amount in account.

Brian C. Padgett is now officially Inmate No. 01667502 at Clark County Jail, allegedly. And the Nevada State Bar organization of the state’s lawyers has recommended he be disbarred for five years according to the complaint they filed.

You can read the State Bar of Nevada’s complaint against Brian C. Padget here: State Bar of Nevada Complaint Against Brian C. Padgett.

Finally, it looks like Brian C. Padgett is getting his due. Earlier this week, he was picked up on a felony bench warrant for passing a total of $400,000 in bad checks. (See additional complaint above.)

Couldn’t have happened to a lesser man.