Brian C. Padgett, Yesterday (Dec. 30), Hid in the Back of a Las Vegas
Courtroom Like the Coward He Is, Trying to Avoid His Victims

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Brian C. Padgett was quick to tout how much women loved him and texted out these photos showing two woman he was involved with. The woman on the right has been identified as Natalie Lieberman, 45 years old, lives in Toronto, Canada and Brooklyn, New York.

Rumors have been circulating that on Lieberman’s 45th birthday, Dec. 26, she and Padgett had a major fight and falling out.

Yes, those are real tattoos. Natalie now is officially pissed. Especially now knowing the kind of person Padgett really is.

Padgett was quite fond of saying that she was his – “forever” – and was quite pleased that a woman would get his name tattooed on her body.

Now Natalie is indelibly tied to a man who has run up $50 million in debt to about 100 debtors according to an official “informed” Court Receiver. See story here: BOMBSHELL ALERT! $50 Million Owed to Over 100 Creditors

And regarding that court appearance yesterday (Dec. 30, 2019), I’m told that Padgett hid in the corner of the courtroom like a coward and only came forward to address the judge after he dismissed everyone. The case? The judge approved the motion to move forward pursuing claims against Padgett and his businesses, kicking him (CWNevada) out of their location at Blue Diamond Road:

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Sorry, Brian, I’m not sorry that I don’t feel sorry for you. Things could have been different, but like most everything else in your life, in my humble opinion (IMHO), you have f***ed everything up.