Brian C. Padgett 911 Call –
“Let Me Ask You a Question:
Would You Like $100,000 – Cash?”


This call speaks for itself. Please listen carefully. Please beware, there is some harsh language in it.

This was the 911 call made by Thomas Wiggins to the Henderson Police Dept. the morning of Katie Howard’s death.

Hours after waking up next to the lifeless body of a 38-year-old woman who Brian C. Padgett, a Las Vegas attorney, spent the night with snorting cocaine and other drugs (this is directly according to his confession to police) Thomas Wiggins confronts Padgett at the house on Moyer Drive and can be heard on this taped 911 call offering Wiggins $100,000 — to do what we’re not sure. Clearly the only thing he seems to be concerned about is his own narcissistic self.

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